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Think about the lunchrooms in the cliche high school movies. That’s really all that Twitter is. People on the outside that are afraid to enter think there is a food fight happening and they don’t want to ruin that new outfit. But all that’s happening inside the lunchroom are cliques. Twitter is full of cliques the same way your grade school was. Everyone has their own personal circles that they relate to and spend time with every day. This Twitter Masterclass is going to help you insert yourself into that community.

Your ideal client is waiting for you in that circle!

This Twitter masterclass was developed for coaches and course creators. After you finish this masterclass, you will have the strategies and methods necessary to grow your audience, improve your products and increase your revenue all from Twitter.

This masterclass includes:

  • A six-part video series full of strategies and systems just for coaches.
  • A full workbook of tools and methods that will make starting on Twitter easier.
  • A coaching session with Coach Chris to help you overcome any obstacles.
  • Premium email access to Coach Chris for ongoing support.

If you’re struggling to create products, find out the problems your audience is facing or getting clients, this masterclass is for you. Out of the billions of users on Twitter, several of them need the value that you offer. Your course or program can change someone’s life. Coach Chris will help you get it in front of the right people.

After your purchase, you will receive a special link to begin scheduling meeting times with Coach Chris. You’ll also receive exclusive access to all video content, workbooks and coaching content.


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