Impact Journal: Set Goals, Track Progress, Analyze Results


The Impact Journal is a physical tool customers can use daily. This journal isn’t like your normal notebook. You can set the proper goals, keep track of progress every single day, and analyze the results of your failures and accomplishments.

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You’ve probably had a journal before. The Impact Journal is completely different. Created to foster in true change in your life, this journal is the best tool you can have if you’re looking to make significant improvements every single day. This book will help you on your journey of entrepreneurship and in life.


  • Focus on making progress every single day.
  • Never lose focus on the important goals for every day, week and month.
  • Make your intentions very clear for every day so you can ensure productivity.
  • Analyze all of the most relevant aspects of your life.


  • A monthly preview section that will help you get clear on what’s important.
  • Weekly goal-setting to remain dialed in on your path.
  • Dates to remember section for those significant moments.
  • Monthly review sections that cover every aspect of life.

How the Impact Journal Works

  1. Write your ultimate goals for the year. Be as descriptive and specific as possible. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be to obtain what you want.
  2. Set your monthly actions and make projections. Every month you should be working harder to reach your goal. Taking the small steps consistently will equal one large leap.
  3. Make your impact list every day working towards these goals. Steps can be taken every single day to create the life you want. The Impact List should contain five vital tasks that must be taken on that specific day to get closer to your goals.
  4. Review your overall month and goal progress. Each month you’ll make significant progress. You’ll begin to see changes in yourself. This journal is perfect for documenting those changes.

This is the journal for those people who want to live their life on the next level. This is not for the people who are comfortable with mediocrity. Use this journal to make an impact on your life every day. Each day you can take small steps to get to that level where you want to be.

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