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Greatness Guideline 2020: Create the life you desire.

How was 2019?

Before you answer that mentally, think about it.

Can you truly remember the entire year? Probably not. Don’t worry. It’s normal. Most people, especially entrepreneurs, will say they had a rough year based on the past few months and not the entire year.

That’s why the Greatness Guideline is soooo important. This tool creates a method for you track your life in the most impactful nd effective way possible.

I have another question: how important is 2020? Do you really want to make this the best year of your life?

If so, you need the Greatness Guideline. How will you know the year was great if you didn’t track your progress? Did you track your goals in 2019? Did you complete monthly reviews last year?

Probably not. Again, that’s ok. We have everything you need to make 2020 the best year of your life.

Why the Greatness Guideline?

The Greatness Guideline is different from any other planner you’ve ever seen. Our Impact System is a strategy for working towards your goals every single day. Successful people have a few things in common. One of them is constantly focusing on their goals. The Impact System gives you the steps to work on your goals every day for at least one full hour. Image the growth you’ll experience as you focus on your goals more than ever before!


  • Learn how to reflect on your life on a deeper level. Get the strategies that will help you analyze your choices with consistency.
  • Breakdown your habits and replace them with new productive strategies.
  • Get access to the gratitude system that you should be using every day to attract more abundance into your life.
  • Belief realignment is important before any vision setting and deciding what you want in life.
  • Take your goal setting to the next level with Vision Setting.


  • Monthly review and preview sections so that you can constantly be updated with your goals.
  • Full impact strategy for focusing on your goals every single day effectively.
  • Content space to constantly plan your value being distributed.

The Greatness Guideline is the planner for entrepreneurs that are focused on building the life they want and serious about change. Most business owners are stuck on self help books so we want to provide you with some self help action.


This year we’re releasing an entire bundle with the Greatness Guideline. Your personal improvement is the only results you’re guaranteed to get from this bundle. Inside, you’ll receive:

90 Days to Greatness Video Series

This video series is a breakdown on how to use the planner. These videos cover the Impact System, Vision Setting and a lot more! After getting your planner, you’ll have steps to make 2020 amazing. Plus, you can also come back to these videos if you need a reminder.

Controlled Creative Chaos: The Roadmap for Entrepreneurs in 2020

CCC is a book for entrepreneurs that want to go a step past self-help. This book focuses on a few key areas that impact every business at some point or another. You’ll learn more about your mindset and ways to make changes faster. You’ll also learn how to use your creative energy within your business to flourish on a new level!

Brand Your Greatness Workbook

Start separating yourself from the competition in your market. The Brand Your Greatness Workbook is a breakdown for everything you learn in Controlled Creative Chaos. We’re all about taking action!

The Creative Room Facebook Group

The private Facebook group will feature coaching every Sunday afternoon! Yes, this is completely free fo the entire year of 2020. You’ll receive access after purchasing your planner.

Achieve Your Greatness

You get all of these products AND services for ONE low price!

The Greatness Guideline is a complete system. This isn’t a regular course OR planner. Your subconscious mind will never be the same with the Impact System. We only have a limited amount of energy every day. The things we decide to focus on ultimately use that energy. The Greatness Guideline shows you have to better control your energy and manifest the things you desire into your life.

Your greatness awaits!


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