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Are you ready to change your business? The business transformation mastermind is going to help you reach that next level!

The goal of this event is to help you use your creative energy to make the business that you desire. We know how difficult it might be to run your own business in 2019. There are tons of distractions and a lot of wrong information out there. This mastermind is going to help set the record straight.

When: November 15th to 17th

This is a 2 1/2 day event.

Part 1: Money Activation Sessions

Sonya Lee will be a guest speaker covering spirituality and money with her Money Action Sessions. Sonya is an expert on balancing your energy and getting realigned within yourself so that you can generate the revenue you desire.

Her unique system helps entrepreneurs get a deep understanding of their money center and the depth of their genius zone. Sonya is going to get you focused on the thing you love and even explain the best way for you to use this creative skill.

Part 2: Business Keys

On these days of the mastermind, we’ll have to cover the most important steps of your business. After working with Sonya, you’ll have some new ideas and inspiration. Working with Coach Chris will give you the opportunity to cover the three most important areas of your business.

  1. The Product
  2. The Market
  3. The Sales Strategy

Covering these three areas will ensure that you have a new product that will generate revenue into your business and that you won’t become a commodity. You’ll have the chance to work with Coach Chris and have all your questions answered.

The Business Transformation Mastermind tickets are on sale until November 1st. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive private coaching sessions with Coach Chris AND Sonya Lee. After purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive an email with more information. See you on the inside!


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