Henry the Brand Doctor: Building a Service Business in 2020

Henry the Brand Doctor - Greatness Unlimited Podcast

Henry the Brand Doctor: Building a Service Business in 2020
Season 4: Building a Service Busine...

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Welcome back to the Greatness Unlimited Podcast! Season four is going to be amazing! We’re having some great guests to discuss what its like to operate a service business in 2020.  In our first episode, Henry “The Brand Doctor” Kaminsky Jr. brings his expertise on building your coaching business and creating your brand from scratch. Henry has helped several businesses grow their brands and even works with athletes to create amazing companies. As an expert on positioning and designs, Henry also is a two comma club member with ClickFunnels!

You’ll get a ton of ideas and value from today’s episode. Henry wanted to really explain the keys to positioning yourself as the top service business expert. We covered ways you can grow your brand and stand out. The best part of this interview was our conversation about sales. Henry uses a very unique sales strategy that helps increase conversions without pressuring your prospects.

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