Intention Work: Immersing Yourself into Your Goals

Intention Work - Personal Branding Playbook

Intention Work: Immersing Yourself into Your Goals

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Intention work should be done every single day. Immersing yourself into your goals is exactly how you can build the brand AND life that you desire. In todays episode, I explain why you need to get deeper into your goals and a full strategy for executing the system.

Intention work is a key to success as an entrepreneur for sure. This is when you first of all know what you want. There are three main reasons why you should immerse yourself into your goals. The three reasons make sense only after you have clarity on what you desire.

  1. Your subconscious mind accepts the end result easier because you focus on it so much. Remember, whatever you focus on, will grow.
  2. You grow and learn more than ever due to high levels of intense focus. Knowledge will always be valuable.
  3. The daily consistency has an impact on you at every level. The snowball effect is real no matter what you’re focused on.

Now that you know what you want and understand why immersion is important, you need to take action. Taking action towards what you want happens in a few different phases. The first phase is learning. You need to gather as much information as you can about the specific subject and consume it. Limit the consumption of other content so that your energy can go towards the things that are going to help you grow in the areas that matter. Then, you have to set aside time to take action consistently. Developing a new habit to take over your lifestyle will help you reprogram your mind for success!

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We’re going to elaborate on immersing yourself in your goals in the exclusive Personal Branding Playbook.

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