Andrea Jones: Systems Behind the Scenes

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Andrea Jones: Systems Behind the Scenes

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Today’s episode features Andrea Jones, the social media expert for business owners. She helps businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged followers. Outside of serving her full service clients, she loves teaching inn the Savvy Social Podcast and at the Savvy Social School

We discussed what its like to run a business and create a company and service clients. The behind the scenes factors of owning a business are rarely discussed. Running a business in 2020 means you have a media production company. Andrea shares her experience and some unique strategies that get her on stage speaking at amazing events, a constantly flow of new prospects and her membership growing.

My favorite part of this episode was Andrea discussing the recent transitions she made with her brand. Now, her team has more responsibilities than ever. This change forced Andrea to operate the business a lot differently. Her transparency on the hiring and firing are what make this content so great. You’ll learn how to build a community with your business so that team members are aligned with the goals of the company.

Want to learn more about Andrea Jones? Check out her show: Savvy Social Podcast and at the Savvy Social School

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