Podcast Editing Tactics ft. Steve Stewart

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Podcast Editing Tactics ft. Steve Stewart
Season 4: Building a Service Busine...

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Steve Stewart is a podcasting legend! He’s been producing podcasts for years. Steve also owns the biggest podcast editors Facebook group. Editors go to Steve Stewart to get better at what they do and learn from the best. HIs courses will make you an absolute expert and help you increase your income.

March 2020 will be the first ever Podcast Editors Conference. This event is going to be amazing for editors to grow their business and learn even more about being a service owner. Providing a service is different from most other businesses. Steve gives us some great insight on:

  • How to grow your service business
  • Acquiring a team to help you scale faster
  • The challenge of pricing your services.

Steve Stewart is a big part of why I’m podcasting. We began working together years ago and thats where I learned more about podcast editing and how to provide service at a high quality level.

Learn more about Steve:

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