Don’t Provide Value, Do This Instead

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Don’t Provide Value, Do This Instead
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Are you focused on “providing value?”
I’m sure thats’ what every guru has told you. The reality is, everyone is so stuck on providing value that very few people actually are. The phrase has become cliche like many other things. So your focus should be on delivering solutions.

Delivering solutions means you’re solving specific problems for very specific people. That’s how the best brands are build and how you can become known for making a specific impact. Solutions are better than the basic value because your audience can take action and immediately go and make progress.

Most of the “value” posts are all about bogus stories these people make up to sell their products.
The basic process for this includes:

  • An understanding of the audience you want to help.
  • Listing the problems that your people are facing.
  • Creating solutions that can get them instant results.

Shift your focus to providing solutions to the audience that you’re serving. You’ll grow your brand A LOT faster and increase your clientele. Everyone says they’re providing value but they never actually do. Separate yourself from the competition by doing things differently.

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