Tracking Your Goal Progress: Remain Aligned in 2020

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Tracking Your Goal Progress: Remain Aligned in 2020
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Making progress towards your goals is very important. But how do you track that progress? What is your strategy for ensuring that you’re actually making an impact? As the saying goes, what gets managed, grows. So let’s talk about managing progress towards your goals.
There are a few steps track your goal progress easily.

  1. Create your milestone list. Add these to separate pieces of paper or notes.
  2. List the most important tasks that must be accomplished to reach the milestone.
  3. Add these tasks into your daily execution.

Pro Tip: Take notes everyday on progress towards your goals. Do a simple brain dump. Talk about how you feel, what you did and what is to come!

Goal tracking is useful because everything that gets managed, grows. Something as basic as writing your goals isn’t enough to reach the top and create the life you want. This entire system is going to help you work towards the life you want everyday and stay focused. Start tracking your goal progress in 2020. Success is inevitable!

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