Your podcast needs a plan to get discovered. Let’s create a plan for you to dominate your industry!

Create Your Own Market

Learn how create your own lane so your show can stand out from the thousands in the industry!

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Instantly increase the subscribers and downloads your podcast receives consistently.

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Set yourself up to generate more revenue from every piece of content you create.

Featured Topics

Social Marketing Tools

You can do a lot more to market your podcast than basic Wavve videos. This program will cover other content strategies that will ensure your podcast success.

Podcast Marketing Concepts

Marketing your podcast means you have a plan. When your strategy is set up properly, it’s easier to create content that will help you become successful. 

Unique POdcast Positioning

With over 1,000,000 podcasts available, your show needs to create its own market! We’re going to show you key concepts to brand your greatness!

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Live Group Coaching

Every week we conduct group calls for members to make progress. Every session has specific topics and strategies ending with a Q&A session.

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To help you take action, you'll have specific content delivered directly to your inbox every week. You'll also receive the best tools available for podcasters.


Bonuses include one one session with Coach Chris, Podcast Marketing workbook, access to the Personal Branding Playbook exclusive podcast and more!

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This group program is limited to a select few of podcasters. Only 12 podcasters are selected for each group. This ensures quality and progress for every member.