5 Stages to Establish Your Personal Brand and Get More Sales in 2020


What is the Personal Brand Audit?

The Personal Brand Audit is the program to set the foundation to start living in your greatness and get paid to be who you are.

Only five steps between you and your first $1,000 online!

Coach Chris is going to help you build that brand you desire with specific strategies and proven methods. These tactics help you create a real brand and remain relevant by creating your own lane.


What You Get


Create Your Own Lane

Learn how to create your own lane so that you have your own market and never compete.


Brand Positioning 

Understand how to develop your brand positioning so you can sell your products a lot easier.


Podcast Guesting

Get the secret strategies for being an amazing podcast guest to build your personal brand!


One on One with Coach Chris

Work with Coach Chris one on one so your brand grows 5x faster!

Live in Your Greatness

Building your personal brand is going to help you in every other area of your business. Brand follows you everywhere, no matter what.

Imagine if you got opportunities simply because people knew how great you are. You’re amazing at what you do but no one knows about it! Coach Chris is going to help you build the brand that will make it easy to live in your greatness and get paid to be who you are.

The Personal Brand Audit is going to analyze the strongest and weakest areas of your brand. Then, Coach Chris is going to give you action steps to create the brand of your dreams!


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Personal Brand Audit

What our customers are saying:


Coach Chris helped me plan my brand growth.

Working with Coach Chris showed me where my brand is lacking structure. We created a plan so that I could start serving my audience at a higher level.

Tiger Joseph  //  Photographer


My brand has exploded!

I loved working with Coach Chris. He made things easier to understand and I made some real progress from our work together.

Zak  //  Business Analyst


How it Works

This is not a course! You get to work with Coach Chris one on one for multiple sessions. You also get access to video content to help you make progress A LOT faster. You'll finish this program with clear strategies to grow your brand and generate more revenue consistently.

    Schedule your call with Coach Chris to analyze your brand. We start by breaking down your progress and finish with setting Milestone Goals.
    Check out ALL the video trainings. You’ll understand what areas of your brand can be improved and exactly how to take that next step.
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    Your second call with Coach Chris is all about Action Steps! This call with end with three to five vey specific steps you can take to make instant progress towards that brand you desire.


Coach Chris is host of the Personal Branding Playbook. Since 2015 he’s been hosting, producing and managing podcasts. Now Chris owns the Elite Podcast Marketing Agency, where you can create your own lane.

Chris is a national speaker and best-selling author. He’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to build their podcasts and personal brands. Chris’ mission in life is to help one million entrepreneurs live in their personal greatness.

Coach Chris

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“Coach Chris helped me 5x my income while doing less work!”

Ousmane  //  Financial Expert

Working with Coach Chris gave my brand the structure it needed to grow.

Jazmine  //  Health Expert

“Working with Coach Chris grew my brand instantly.”

CJ  //  Health Expert


The Best Time to Start Building Brand is Now!

Get your Personal Brand Audit scheduled with Coach Chris now. You’ll be set up to earn 5x more simply being who you are!

Personal Brand Audit

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