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Work with Coach Chris and the Greatness Podcast Network to get your podcast launched, marketed and monetized.

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Get access to the full Podcast Launch Kit to start your show with the ideal tools AND unique strategies to get your show to the top of the charts.


Get exclusive systems for promoting your podcast unlike any other hosts in the world. We’re going to help you stand out.


Learn how to monetize your podcast so that it generates you money in several different ways.

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The Coach Chris

Years of Experience

Coach Chris has been working on podcasts for over five years. As a host, producer and even network owner, Coach Chris has all the answers to help you be the star.

Proven strategies

All unique and original strategies created by the Greatness Podcast Network are proven to take podcasts hosts and their businesses to the next level.

Revenue Gained

Coach Chris himself generated over $15,000 through podcasting in several different ways. We're going to help you create the same revenue!

Our Content styles

Some podcast hosts don’t have the time to edit and produce their podcast at the highest level possible. That’s where we come in! The Greatness Podcast Network creates several pieces of content for each episode on your show and add its to one folder.


We’ll create highlights of your show so that you can market ten times easier. You’ll get more subscribers a lot faster and spend less time working on your podcast.

This video style is also perfect for your brand’s Facebook page and even LinkedIn! We’ll get you ready for every platform.

Greatness Podcast Network

episode graphics

Each episode deserves it’s on graphic. These are perfect for sharing with your audience and increasing engagement.

Greatness Podcast Network

branded video

Here’s an example of our Instagram Tv video cards. We create these for all of our clients to help them get more from the video they create.

Customers Testimonials

Chad and Holly are hosts of Influencer Profits. Their show launched to the top charts in multiple countries!
Chad and Holly - Greatness Podcast Network
Chad and Holly
Influencer Profits
Dexter is a photographer in the creative space. We worked on his interview style, launch plan and strategies for generating revenue from his podcast.
Host of Creative Assists

Next Steps!

You can launch, manage and even try to monetize your podcast all on your own. Most hosts do that and its the same reason why there are hundreds of shows that stop producing content. You can get a different result. That’s why you’re here, learning more about the Greatness Podcast Network. Use the button below to connect with a sales representative and we’ll take the next step!