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Using Facebook to Build Your Personal Brand

3 Lessons Easy

About this course

Most entrepreneurs use Facebook to stay connected with family members they don't like and old people from high school they never talk to. I want to show you a strategy that I've used to make Facebook another income stream for my business.

This course is going to give you strategies for:

  • Finding your ideal customers
  • Making connections within your network to grow faster
  • Position your personal brand to make money with ease.

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Course Structure


Finding the Facebook Groups

In this first lesson we're focusing on the actual groups. The most important step is to be a part of the most relevant communities in your niche. Nothing is worse than creating content that no one responds to or appreciates. This happens to entrepreneurs who don't know their audience.

Niche Facebook groups are not difficult to find. In fact, if you can't find one its probably because you don't have a solid market yet. Search the keywords of your industry on Facebook. You'll instantly have several options.

Action Steps

  • Join at least 5 relevant Facebook groups.
  • Connect with engaged members.
  • Build relationships with the group owners.

The Best Facebook Group Content

Being an active member of Facebook groups is easy. There are a few different content styles that you can commit to so that you become a valuable member of the group and attract your ideal customers.

One style is educational content. This is the easiest way for you to build a positive reputation in the group. More members will be interested in working with you after you've put your expertise on display. There is no specific time frame for this process but consistency is important. After about a month you'll start to see measurable results.

Long form posts work very well. Every groups loves for their members to share content and ask questions. The best long posts are like blogs without a call to action. If you ad a call to action, you'll probably lose your access to the group. Focus on discussing a problem and delivering a solution.

Pro Tip: Create a schedule for posting your content! This strategy is most effective when you constantly post content in different groups that fit your niche. You build a reputation across the platform as an expert in certain areas.

Action Steps:

  • List problems your content can solve.
  • Connect with groups leaders and see what content is acceptable in their group.
  • Write at least two long for posts with no CTA.
  • Record two videos covering your audience's problem and delivering a solution.

Update Your Personal Page

Your homepage on Facebook can be used to generate leads and sell your products for business. Once you commit to this process, you'll have to start with completely removing old connections that are useless. These content strategies are not effective unless you commit 100%.

First, you need to share your own content. The content on your homepage can include CTAs and other sales pitches. You can post whatever you want here so take advantage of it. This includes long sales letters, product promotions and more.

Pro Tip: I only post sales content on Fridays unless I'm launching a product. These keeps your page clean and filters out the noise. You want people to know you for more than selling.

Next, you should educate your audience at a very high level. You can do pop-up masterclasses and even go live. Your connections will appreciate this type of content. This makes selling a lot easier.

Converting is very important. There are two ways you can convert when ideal clients get to your page.

  1. Get prospects on your list. Give them a solution so they trust you even more and give up their email. This is a way to build brand long term.
  2. Getting them on the phone is another option. You can connect with most prospects through messages and send them a calendar link.

Action Steps

  • Commit to a style of content for your homepage.
  • Start converting followers into customers using one strategy.
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