Entrepreneur Foundation Program

Set the foundation for the life you want while maintaining the life you have.

You can build the life you want BUT you need this process.


You’re probably tired of working for someone else. I bet you’re also tired of the cliche sayings from online entrepreneurs and “gurus.” They tell you to work on building the life you want outside of work or school, but no one really explains how.

I know how you feel.

This program is for the people who want to be entrepreneurs but still have a ton of responsibilities. You’ve been sold the get rich quick schemes like “make $1000 a day” or “make $500 in just an hour.” I want to show you something real.

This program will help you begin to build the foundation where you are right now. Don’t quit your job tomorrow. Don’t drop out of school immediately. Let’s start where you are and build the life you want!

You want to quit your job but you don’t know how. School is suffocating you and it just seems impossible to get out of the cycle and start doing what you love.

You’re ready to commit to working hard in the after hours but you aren’t sure where to start. The YouTube channels and the online personalities just haven’t been helpful in this process.

It’s time to do something different. The Entrepreneur Foundation Program will give you the tools and the direction you so desperately need.


What's in it For You

  • Get action steps after each live weekly session. Make personal progress every single day.
  • A roadmap for creating an audience in a very specific market.
  • Specific styles for researching topics of interests and later using that valuable expertise.
  • Important principles for structuring an online presence the correct way.
  • A clear guideline for creating value with expertise and experience that will generate income.
  • You’ll finish this program with a solid foundation to begin you journey of being an entrepreneur.

The 5 Step Process

Step 1: Mindset

If you’re a student or a full-time employee, you probably don’t have the mindset of an entrepreneur. The system was created for you to remain asleep. They teach you what to think instead of how to think. We’re going to reshape your mindset from top to bottom. After this program you will be more disciplined, have a better relationship with money and be a producer instead of consumer.

Step 2: Research Styles

Learning is easily a large percentage of entrepreneurship. You’re always getting a new idea or plan from something you learned. You must become an expert at your passion. This is done by conducting researching a very specific way and documenting what you learn.

Step 3: Build Your Tribe

This program will teach you the two most effective and easiest ways to build an audience online. You need at least 1,000 true fans to begin making solid income online. We’ll help you get there.

Step 4: Real Structure

This program will help you develop the structure necessary to last long as an entrepreneur. We focus on the branding/building of your website, SEO and definitely your social media presence.

Step 5: Ultimate Value Order

We’ll cover the different ways you can generate income online. From sponsorships and affiliate marketing to selling products and services, there are unlimited ways to get paid for what you know or can do. The level of value you can deliver ultimately determines your income. This program will help you get paid from the expertise you’ve developed.

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What Previous Clients Say

The Bonuses

Impact Journal

Get your own Impact Journal mailed directly to you! This is one of the best selling tools from the Growth of Greatness brand. The Impact Journal was created to help you set your goals, track your progress and analyze your results.

Greatness Unlimited

Get 2 months of free access to Greatness Unlimited. As a member, you’ll see masterclass videos from some of the top entrepreneurs covering The Golden Ten. This platform is filled with information from millionaires and industry giants. All of their secrets are only a click away.

Content Creation Plan

Get the new unreleased Content Creation Planner. This is the perfect calendar to create your content, track all of the necessary steps and schedule posts to save time. This is an amazing tool that has helped me grow my personal brand to over 10k followers.

Exclusive Podcasts

Get access to exclusive episodes from the Growth of Greatness Podcast. This content has never been released! These are conversations with six-figure business owners and millionaire entrepreneurs. You’ll learn secrets and never before heard stories.

About the Creator

Coach Chris - Entrepreneur Foundation Program

I’ve worked over 25 jobs in my life. I worked construction, office jobs, retail and even the trash company (that was terrible.) I tried college. I attended six colleges overall. None of them felt purposeful or helped me progress.

All of those jobs and schools taught me that I needed to work for myself. But I did that the wrong way. I dropped out of school and quit my job all at the same time. I thought an idea was enough. This left me evicted from my apartment and my car was repossessed. It was a low point in my life.

Now, I’m a business owner, full-time entrepreneur and professional speaker getting paid for doing what I love to do.

Start Building the Life You Want

Your Price: $197 (For a Limited Time)