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Most brands are dying to scale and get more clients. The problem is knowing how. You need specific strategies and systems in place to get more leads and more conversions in your business. That’s why we’re here.

Coach Chris is a creative director for entrepreneurs. This program is designed for your brand to be in the spotlight. The goal is to grow your brand and increase your revenue. In this story, your brand is the hero.

Facebook Ads

We know you probably don't have a lot of knowledge about ads. We'll get you set up for Facebook and Instagram ads!

Grow Your Audience

Work with us to grow your audience. This means followers, subscribers and your mailing list.

Increase Conversions

Our proven funnel system will help you get more conversions and generate the revenue you desire.

Program Features

Facebook Set Up

We’ll make sure all of your pixels are ready and firing! This includes creating audience from the content you’ve created. Facebook and Instagram will become marketing goldmines for your brand.

Budget and Creative Consultations

Get more of an understanding of the ideal ad spend necessary to accomplish your goals. We’ll also help you create the best content for your brand to get the desired attention and conversions.

Full Funnel Proces

The Tri Ad Funnel includes several ads at different levels. We work together to create an ad funnel that guarantees the results you desire.

What Our customers say

Coach Chris helped increase my revenue while doing a lot less work.

Ousmane Toure

One session with Coach Chris completely changed my business.

Tiger Joseph

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