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What is content rushmore?

Content Rushmore is a system of four different types of content. This system was created to help small businesses create more content and be consistent.

Learn unique strategies and get the methods for being consistent.

Program Benefits

Here’s a deeper insight to the Content Rushmore program.

Content Plans

Work with Coach Chris to develop a content plan that fits your specific industry and business goals.

Tell Your Story

Learn how to tell your brand story so that you can develop relationships with your prospects sooner than later.

Content Calendar

Get your personal content calendar so that you can be consistent with the content creation.

Viral Marketing

We teach you how to create content that has viral potential so that your brand explodes faster.

Nurture Your Audience

Get the strategy for nurturing your audience faster with a lot less work.

Increase Conversions

Our Move the Needle strategy will help you convert more prospects into long term clients and customers.

Content rushmore

“Content is vital to your brands success.” Everyone knows this, so why don’t businesses create more content? The simple answer: lack of a plan.

Content Rushmore is a full strategy for your brand to create different types of content that will impact the company on a major level. You get the opportunity to work with Coach Chris to create your content style and fill out your content calendar!

You know how important content is. You’ve tried to create on your own. Now, work with someone that can give you a plan for success.

The Coach Chris

Find your style

We’ll help you develop a content style that fits your business specifically. If you’re not comfortable on video, we’ll help you create amazing audio content. You’ll also learn how to create multiple pieces of content from one creation!

Production Strategies

Content production can be difficult. You need specific tools and systems from production to ensure that your content is high quality.

Methods for Consistency

Consistency pays in every phase of life. We provide you with a content calendar so that you can produce content on a schedule and even plan out your next steps.

Get your personal plan now!

Work with Coach Chris to develop your content marketing plan!