Drop Shipping Skill ft. James Holt – Episode 51

James Holt joins the podcast to drop shipping.

Drop Shipping Skills

James has been in business for a while and has learned a lot. In this episode, he has advice for aspiring drop shippers. I personally wanted to know more about drop shipping. One point James made very clear was the importance of building a brand, even for drop shippers. He also gave out three tips to help aspiring drop shipping experts get started. Follow James on Twitter @StartSellingSSS Join his mailing list. ...

Episode 50 The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is one of my favorite movies ever. It's a cinematic masterpiece. More importantly, there are specific themes throughout the movie, very teachable moments. First, Bane shows himself to be a philosopher and a villain. You have to appreciate his style and grace. When he and Batman were battling in the sewers, he gave us one of the best quotes ever. "Peace has cost you strength. Victory has defeated you." This was a clear sign about Batman's inability to relate to the new world. Batman locked himself away thinking that he was safe forever and that everything would always be okay. Bane showed us that comfort is simply an illusion. In another great scene, Bruce Wayne is attempting to escape the prison. He tied the rope around himself multiple times before jumping and failed every single time. The one time he tried it without the rope, Bruce made the jump and escaped the prison. This a metaphor for the safety nets in our lives. What ropes are holding your life together and holding you back at the same time? ...

Ep. 49 Write Your Life ft. Ed Latimore

Write Your Life ft. Ed Latimore

Writer and Twitter expert Ed Latimore joins the podcast to discuss his writing. He provides us with insight on how to build a Twitter following. Ed Latimore is also one of the few bloggers remaining! He makes sure to release amazing content to his audience with consistency. Even after all of those accolades, Ed still has a degree in Physics and is an amazing speaker. Visit EdLatimore.com Follow him on Twitter @EdLatimore ...

Episode 48 Improve Focus

Episode 48 Improve Focus

This episode uses a very different metaphor of bricklaying. You've probably heard Will Smith or some other guru talk about it. Coach Chris adds a different perspective.
Taking life one day at a time helps you improve focus. The biggest problem most people have is that they can't focus on one thing. For example, there are several "creatives" out there that have a million different things happening at once. What this does is limit your ability to truly thrive in the important areas.
Look at each topic you focus on as bricklaying. If you're focused on five different topics, how long will it take you to build a house? If your #YouTube channel is about pop culture, fashion, music, makeup and dancing, you're essentially attempting to build five different houses at once. You'll either spend years building a few mediocre houses or you'll never finish any of them. Take the time to improve focus. It will give you the ability to be better where it counts.

Episode 47 Bryan Falchuk Do a Day

Do a Day ft. Bryan Falchuk

Bryan Falchuk has transformed his life and developed an approach to help others do the same that he teaches in his best-selling book “Do a Day”, and he’s here today to share that philosophy with all of you. Bryan Falchuk (FAL-chuck) is a best-selling author, speaker, and life coach. He has faced major adversities and learned how to overcome and achieve. From obesity to running marathons, from career struggles to succeed as a C-level executive, from watching illness threaten his family to finding lasting health, he has been through many trials, which have helped to shape his unique approach to inspiring others to succeed. Bryan’s work has been featured in several top publications like Inc. Magazine, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune and more. He has spoken at multiple TEDx events and has been a featured guest on over 100 podcasts and radio shows. Find Bryan Falchuk Links: Website Instagram Twitter ...

Episode 46 Work Hard AND Smart

Work Hard AND Smart

Working hard is a requirement for success. It's hilarious that people even attempt to debate this. They say "work smart." In reality, you can't have one without the other. Both, working smart and hard, are required to be successful and live the life you want. I'll use an example. When you first start to build a business, you have to learn. You can't jump in and immediately begin "working smart." There are way too many unknown unknowns. That may sound confusing so I'll make it even more simple. "Unknown unknowns are things that we don't know, we don't know. Basically, there are things that you are completely unaware of. This isn't a bad thing because we can also learn and grow. That learning stage is a part of working hard. You have to work hard to acquire knowledge and information. Reading blog posts, listening to podcasts such as this one and watching educational YouTube videos are all a form of working hard. The learning stage is another one of those life requirements. ...