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Podcast marketing to grow your brand and generate revenue.

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Podcast Messaging

Every episode you release needs to make an impact on your audience. We’ll start by designing a clear message so that your podcast can grow with a lot less work and stress.

Coach Chris - Podfest
Coach Chris - Podcast Fast Track

Social Media Podcast Marketing

We’ve created strategies for marketing your podcast on every major platform. We’ll even provide you with templates so that you can make instant progress and growth with your show!

Content Styles for Your Platform

There are different types of content that thrive on very specific platforms and for specific markets. We’re going to help you understand what will work for your show and create a plan for success.

Coach Chris - Personal Branding Playbook

Messaging and Morals

Creating the messaging for your podcast is the very first step in our process. We need to ensure that your stories and key points are connecting with the right people. This system has been used by podcasters to build real audiences that turn into customers.

Elite Marketing Methods

97% of podcasters don't have a plan for marketing their show. Our Elite Marketing Methods show podcasters how they can make their show reach more of the right people and leave a lasting impression.

Real Revenue

Podcasters are hungry to earn money from their show. We created Real Revenue to give podcast hosts options for making money from their podcast even if they don't have thousands of subscribers!

Our Exclusive Methods

What People are Saying

What its Like working with Coach Chris

How it Works

One on One

You get to work with Coach Chris one on one four weeks straight. Every week a new step in the plan will be executed to get your podcast marketed on an elite level.

All Exclusive Tools

Coach Chris is going to deliver the exclusive workbook and several tools that make podcasting easier. You'll finish with a clear marketing plan to execute.


We're going to work on one highly effective strategy so that your podcast can generate revenue. This might be product creation,

The Bonuses

Yes! There is even more that comes with this amazing program!

Content Templates

We’ll be delivering templates directly to your inbox to make your podcast marketing A LOT easier.

Monetization Workbook

We understand that revenue is a big part of your podcasting journey. You’ll receive key tools creating your own products that serve your audience.

One on one

You’ll have a chance to work with Coach Chris until your podcast grows and you reach your show goals. 

Accelerate Your Podcast Now

If you want your podcast to be above average, you need to work for it. The plan we set up and execute will ensure your show’s success. Work with us now and your podcast will never be the same!