Why Podcasting is the Best Lead Generation Strategy

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Lead generation is possible for every podcaster! The problem is most podcast hosts aren’t thinking about this approach. Every podcast is hosted like its a radio show. People search for the most popular guests and shout for reviews. In today’s episode, I’m going to explain how you can use a podcast to build your business and generate more revenue than ever!
Your focus should be on budding a real platform. Businesses that have podcasts have different goals from the entertainment podcasters. Seeing how goals are different, you need to take a completely different approach. Hosting your podcast as if its a real platform for your business means:

  1. Attract new prospects with the episodes you’re releasing consistently
  2. Nurture prospects so that they’re ready to buy instantly
  3. Have a list of evergreen content to share with prospects in the future!

Every business should have its own platform. This gives you power to connect with your prospects more than ever before. And at the same time you get to build leverage for other products and projects within your company!
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