Build Brand without Thousands of Followers

Most of the gurus are going to give you weak strategies to make money that might work for some people with a bigger audience. But what about the little guy? What about the people who are new to the game? In this episode we examine exactly how you can get more from the brand you’ve developed without thousands of followers.

First of all, please understand that followers don’t guarantee dollars. There are several influencers out there who have a massive audience that engages with their content but they still can’t generate any revenue from their creations. So in this episode, Coach Chris has some great strategies to help you increase your impact with a lot less work.

Some of these highly effective strategies include: 

  • Create a relationship with the market. Engage w/ content shared by influencers. 
  • Develop your skills. Subscribe to market-focused podcasts, find the best YouTube channels and get some books!
  • Make a product a lot of people need. Solve a problem a majority of the market is facing consistently.

Executing these strategies is actually easy because you don’t have to worry about paying for anything! This only requires some real work and effort. The best part is you’ll be connecting with the marketing and getting prepared to sell better products that deliver even more value.

Brand building requires patience. If you want something quick you should try selling on Amazon or eBay. No disrespect to the market but that’s the fast money. Building a brand is going to take time and while you’re building focus on the outcome you desire. Ignore vanity metrics like followers and subscribers. Your impact can be bigger than those numbers!

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