Using Facebook to Build Brand

Use Facebook to build brand - Personal Branding Playbook

Facebook is amazing for growing your personal brand. There are some rules for navigating Facebook to get the results you desire. This platform is mostly pay to play, meaning you need to spend money on ads to get results. But not when you understand how to use groups effectively.

In this episode, Coach Chris explains how you can use Facebook to build your brand. There are hundreds of groups out there. Some of them are filled with your ideal customers and clients. When you become a part of these communities, it creates an opportunity to become relevant to the right people.

In this episode, you’re going to learn how to:

  • Become a main expert in your community
  • Connect with the prospects that matter
  • The best content to grow your brand using Facebook groups.

Coach Chris has created a FREE course to help you learn how to use Facebook to your advantage. You can get access to the full course here. Find Coach Chris on Instagram or Twitter.

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