Conversion Content for Your Personal Brand

Conversion Content - Personal Branding Playbook

There are several types of content that brands need to thrive. In this episode, Coach Chris dives deep on conversion content and what you need to take yours to the next level.

Attraction content is just to get the eyeballs, the ears on your blog, podcast episode or your videos. Attraction content is usually surface level, it’s not that deep. The second content style is nurturing content. That’s usually stories, and maybe testimonials. This is where not only are you drawing people in, now you’re trying to really teach them more of about who you are. People do this a lot and people don’t realize they’re doing it. Now conversion content is when you get them to make a buying decision. This is the content most people are missing.

Most brands don’t create conversion content and this is how they miss out on converting prospects into real customers. Every business needs conversion content that forces their prospects to make a decision and purchase.

This episode will give you some insight on different types of conversion content you can create, what it takes and how to get started. Implementing these strategies into your business will greatly impact your bottom line. 

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