Tell Your Story ft. Cody Jefferson

Cody Jefferson - Personal Branding Playbook

Recognized as one of the country’s leading personal and professional coaches by Entrepreneur, USA Today and The Today Show, Cody has been walking alongside thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals on the subjects of personal ownership and development, communication, leadership, and marketing/branding for nearly 2 decades. 

Cody is the founder and CEO of Embrace The Lion, and the creator of LION Method, the #1 Group Coaching Program for High-Achieving Men and Women looking to adopt the right support, belief, habits and community to create success in their lives and businesses. He is a nationally-recognized keynote speaker for conferences, colleges, corporations and churches across the country.  In this episode, Cory had a chance to tell us more about the strategies for telling our story in an impactful way. We really got focused on:

  • Why telling your story and being vulnerable is important
  • The small mindset tricks that can grow businesses
  • How self-talk influences our everyday decisions and lives.

You can learn more about Cody Jefferson here.


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