Dreamcatching ft. John Bourgeois

In today’s episode, John Bourgeois joins the show to discuss what its like to chase your dreams constantly and go for what you want. As host of the Dreamcatchers Podcast, John has built a strong brand on chasing your dreams and never giving in, no matter what! It was a true pleasure to have a dedicated entrepreneur like John hop on the show and give you a fresh, healthy perspective on business. 

John Bourgeois is a tough and bold entrepreneur. Instead of waiting years to get the life he wanted or playing it safe, he instantly jumped and went all in on his goals. (He’s also releasing a new book in 2020!) We specifically covered topics like:

  1. Creating the life you desire
  2. How to build the courage to dive in and burn the boats
  3. The strategy for going after things you want.

In 2020, your personal brand should be built on going after everything you desire. Do whatever it takes, within the law, to create the life you want. You must be willing to burn the boats and dive in 100% on what your goals. Your greatness is waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone!

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