Analyze Your Greatness

The new year and decade is upon us! This is the best time for you to make changes and grow. Before we get to that, there are some updates. The Greatness Unlimited Podcast is making some changes. First, we’ll be doing seasons for the show. This allows for more specific forms of content and high quality guests from specific markets. Next, there will also be tools provided when our special guests join the show. Lastly, we also have the personal branding through podcasting membership, Brand Your Greatness.

Analyze Your Greatness

The new decade is here so let’s focus on making big changes. So the first place to get started with personal growth is to ask personal questions. You need more clarity on the things that matter. Tony Robbins said, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself. So we’ve made a list of questions you need to ask yourself.

Understanding how to analyze your greatness is important because who you are as a personal is displayed in your personal brand. Your principles, traits and priorities will all display themselves in your brand in some way. We need to grow and develop ourselves before it’s possible to build an amazing community or massive personal brand.

The Milestone Club is now open and available! You can learn more about the community here. How I made $50k with no mailing list.

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