Start from Zero ft. Dane Maxwell

Dane Maxwell - Personal Branding Playbook

Dane Maxwell almost didn’t think there was a place for him to belong anywhere, but business saved his life and gave him a sense of purpose and significance. That kind of belonging gave him endless fuel because he had never felt it before. He started 16 business and failed a lot, 11 times. Each time he learned, figured out what worked and what didn’t and has started 5 successful profitable businesses. He has gone on to create over 15 millionaires with his teachings. Dane Maxwell specializes in helping underdogs start successful businesses. Dane also has a passion for singing and he is the author of the upcoming book Start From Zero.

In this episode, Dane gave us some great insight into one of his best systems for building a profitable business without the usual stress.

  • How to be happy where you are and grow from your starting point
  • Attaching thoughts to feelings to be more impactful
  • Using super powers to grow your business with more efficiency.

You need to identify what you want and put feelings behind it. That strong connection is what makes it easier to attract the things you want. This was one of the best episodes of this season. You’re going to get some amazing strategies for creating that life you really want and doing it fast.

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