Ep. 165 Income Streams ft. Xavier C Miller

Ep 165 Income Streams Ft Xavier Miller - Greatness Unlimited Podcast

In today’s episode of the Greatness Unlimited Podcast, Xavier Miller joins the show. He’s host of the Millionaire Mindsets Podcast and a big real estate investor. He joins us to discuss income streams and why they’re so important to entrepreneurs.

We had an interesting discussion about creating income streams and why every business owner should have at least three. Xavier explained how easy it is to get started and the steps the average person should take.

One thing every entrepreneur must understand is responsibility. No one is going to make you build income streams that will help your family but it still must be priority. In fact, some of your daily energy should be focused on building wealth. Understand that you cannot save to be wealthy. Income streams will help you build that life you want and money will be your slave!

A large part of our conversation covered attacking limiting beliefs. Are you a full time employee? Great! You still have time to create the life you want. The side hustles we create allow us to build wealth faster and in a more realistic fashion. Focus on generating more revenue. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to create multiple income streams.

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