Ep. 164 Change Your State of Being: 3 Ways to Get Started

Ep 164 - Change Your State of Being - Greatness Unlimited Podcast

Changing your state of being is the answer to all of your problems. Not some, all. Everything you have, or don’t have, is a direct reflection of who you are. If you want things to be different, you need to change who you are.

The key to this process working is commitment. Don’t expect to see results in the same day. Be patient and stay focused on the outcome that you desire.

In today’s episode, Coach Chris explains three ways you can instantly change your state of being. The harsh reality is, the person that you are now just isn’t enough to live the bigger life that you want. It might not seem like these changes are important or relevant to growth, but they will completely change your life.

  • Analyzing your habits for the ultimate growth
  • How to change what you consume
  • Systems for changing your beliefs.

When you make the decision to commit to changing your life, it won’t be easy. Let’s dispel that right now. But because of the difficultly, changing your life will be worth it. You’ll never be the same because of your personal commitment to excellence.

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