Ep. 162 Help with Your Podcast

Ep 162 Help with Your Podcast - Greatness Unlimited Podcast - The Coach Chris

If you go to iTunes right now, you’ll see thousands of podcasts available. The problem is most of these shows don’t produce content. A lot of hosts launched their show, didn’t get results and quit after a month. That’s called a podfade. You know why this is so common: lack of direction.

The lack of planning causes a lot of podcast hosts to quit a lot sooner. It doesn’t matter if you want to get clients from your show or just have more attention. If your podcast doesn’t have a plan, you won’t consistently produce valuable content that can get your show sponsored.

I’ve been podcasting over 5 years. I’ve hosted five shows, been on the top charts more than ten times and generated five figures podcasting. My clients have also gone to the top of the charts and gotten contracts for their podcasts.

I want to help you with your podcast. My goal is to help more hosts launch, grow and monetize their podcasts. I’ll be starting the Mega Podcast Program to better help hosts launch, grow and market their podcasts. You can access and claim your spot for 50% off now. Here’s the link: claim your 50% now!

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