Ep. 160 Prepare for Podcast Sponsorship

EP 160 Prepare for Podcast Sponsorship - Greatness Unlimited Podcast - The Coach Chris

So now we need to discuss what you need to do for your podcast to be sponsored. This is probably the question I get asked about the most. Everyone wants to know how many downloads they need and what the requirements are to get sponsored.

The truth: every sponsorship is different. What I’m going to show you is the baseline standards for podcast sponsorships. We’ll cover what you need to have before that first email is sent, the details of the average contract and everything in-between. Having your details ready is a great way to ensure that brands take you serious when you’re ready to get your podcast sponsored.

The main requirement that podcast sponsors want is a return on their investment. Every marketer wants to know that their dollars are being used correctly. It’s your job to be ready and show brands that you have value to provide.

I’ll be opening the group program soon. You can get early, discounted access to the Mega Podcasting Program. Here’s the link where you can get access: 50% off the program now!

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