Ep. 159 Find Your Ideal Podcast Sponsor

Ep 159 Ideal Podcast Sponsor - Greatness Unlimited Podcast - The Coach Chris

So we’ve covered how to get to know your audience. Now, we have to cover how to get aligned with the right businesses and keep them in your sights. You need to know what companies fit the mold to be a sponsor of your podcast. Finding your ideal podcast sponsor is a process. Coach Chris is going to show you how to narrow things down.

There are obviously thousands of businesses in the world. Your goal as a podcast host is to list the companies that would be perfect for you show. You don’t want to promote any product or service. Be very selective with who and what you promote.

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about different ways you can align your podcast with ideal businesses and get results. You can’t skip this if you want to get ideal podcast sponsor. This part of the process is very important. Simply listing who you’d want to work with can completely change the game for your podcast.

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