Content Creation: How to Reach a Creative Flow

Content Creation - Creative Flow - The Coach Chris

The flow state will allow you to create more of the life that you want. As humans, we are at our best when we are in a natural state of being. When life doesn’t feel forced, we have the opportunity to be great.

What is Your Intent?

Your intention for creating content is what matters. The reason most people don’t create is because they’re scared. Scared that people won’t watch their videos or terrified that their podcast will lack subscribers. That all starts with expectations and requirements.

Instead of focusing on numbers, your intention should be focused on things you can control. The easiest aspect to focus on is value. What information can you provide to your audience so that people will learn something they can use? If you’re only focused on yourself, if actually manifests itself in your content. Then you lack the results you desire.

Execute Your Ideas

Another sign that you’re in a great creative space is the flow of ideas that comes to you. All of those crazy ideas and random thoughts you get are present for a reason. The universe is speaking to you! 

If you ignore these ideas, someone else will execute them. Michael Jackson explained how he used to get ideas for new songs in the middle of the night. Michael told his manager that he had to make the song in the middle of the night or else Prince would make it. That’s living in a creative flow.

Action Steps: Start paying close attention to your creative flow! You’ll gain the ability to be more relaxed and calm while still achieving the results you desire.

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