Why Patience is an Important Skill

Patience is a Skill - The Coach Chris

Patience is one of those things that everyone talks about but very few people actually have. Patience is a skill. You need to work on developing this skill over time. The same way hoopers work on their jump shot, you need to work on your patience.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something and developing a strong desire to have it. That’s normal! But being impatient only ensures that you won’t have what you desire. The key to having everything you want is your identity. You can have the big house and car you want but you have to become the person that has those things.

A lack of patience is one of the biggest reasons businesses fail. Too many entrepreneurs believe that everything should work perfectly the very first time or even the third time. It doesn’t work that way. You might have to do the same thing ten times to get the result you want. Is your dream with it?

My favorite is seeing these Instagram pages post memes of how Amazon, Google and Apple started. We love to champion Oprah and Walt Disney. But all of these individuals and companies understood that patience is a skill. They were willing to remain dedicated to the process of success and stay focused. If you want the same results they earned, take your time.

Combating the Lack of Patience

Work smart and work hard. While you’re waiting to get the things you want, do the little things differently. It completely change your life instantly. There is a small task that you can do differently today to get a different result tomorrow. Take life, business and your relationships day by day. Do the small work and you’ll get the big results.

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