The Digital Entrepreneur Bubble

The Digital Entrepreneur Bubble - The Coach Chris

Entrepreneurship is growing. We’re reaching new levels and the industry is growing like never before. With this rise in business owners, there is another problem brewing below the surface. Is the digital entrepreneur bubble ready to burst?

What is a digital entrepreneur?

A digital entrepreneur is a business owner that generates most of their revenue online. These are the guys with WeWork memberships and the ladies taking up all the outlet space at your local Starbucks. While there is nothing wrong being a digital entrepreneur, the bigger problem is being stuck in the space.

Part of being a digital entrepreneur means you do a lot of work online. It’s important to have outside time away form your computer. So many business owners forget that part of operating a business is working with other people. Stepping outside of your personal bubble can completely change your business.

As a side effect of never meeting new people or going new places, you start to think everything is the same. That’s why it’s easy to compare yourself to everyone else and think that you’re not great. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably ahead of everyone else. Not just a few steps ahead, miles ahead. The rest of the world is still very unaware of the possibilities that exist in entrepreneurship.

Avoiding the Bubble

First, start going to more events! Get out the house and meet people. You’ll have the opportunity to create better relationships, connect with prospects AND learn more about your industry. I used to think going to events was a waste of time. I’ve never been so wrong in my life! Every time I go to an event, I leave with new business. Whether its a client or simple customer, I’m always attracting the right people.

Next, crash some local meetup groups. Your ideal customers are out there waiting for you. The meetup groups are great because it’s already a community of like-minded people. Try searching in your area and see what people are up to.

Start getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll be able to live life on a different level.

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