The 10 Crack Commandments: Entrepreneur Perspective

Ten Crack Commandments - The Coach Chris

Notorious BIG created one of the best rap songs ever with the Ten Crack Commandments. In today’s’ video, I wanted to breakdown the list of commandments and how they relate to entrepreneurship. (I know the song is about crack but we’re going to talk about business. Keep an open mind.

The Ten Crack Commandments

Number 1: “Never let them know how much dough you hold.” This statement speaks for itself. In business, there is no need to let people know how much revenue you’re generating every month. Posting screenshots of your Shopify revenue is lame. Keep your financial situation to yourself.

Number 2: “Never let them know your next move.” Your marketing should be kept a secret! People shouldn’t know your new strategies or ideas. Let them see results!

Number 3: “Never trust nobody.” I’ve seen some collaborations end wrong. Be careful how you work with other experts in your business.

Number 4: “Never get high on your own supply.” This is a reach…but let’s interpret this as arrogance. No matter how great your product is or how amazing your marketing strategy is, don’t get too comfortable. Never rest on your laurels.

The Ten Crack Commandments - The Coach Chris

Number 5: “Never sell no crack where you rest at.” Never have one payment processor. PayPal could freeze your account randomly and hold all of your funds. Yes, Stripe has the same issue. It’s better to have multiple options ready to go at all times.

Number 6: “That goddam credit? Dead it!” Stop working for free. You spent a lot of time, energy and probably money to reach a new level in business. People that want your information have to invest financially to receive it. That simple.

Number 7: “Keep your family and business completely separated.” Don’t work with family. If you do, keep it to a minimum. It rarely ends well.

Number 8: “Never keep no weight on you.” This is a reach but I’d correlate this commandment to your web presence. You want to be make sure people can find you where they are. Be present on all social media platforms. Focus your energy on the sites where you perform your best.

Number 9: “If you ain’t getting bagged stay away from police.” Be ready for refunds. (Yes, I know this is a significant reach!) Ironically, customers desire refunds even after receiving their product.

Number 10: “Consignment” Be sure that you can fulfill your part when it comes to investing in your business. Always be clear about what you can provide.

Drugs and Business

If I’m being honest, drug dealers are actually some of the greatest businessmen we’ve seen. The only problem is the product they’re selling is illegal. In an alternate universe, drug dealers sell products that are legal and receive awards for their business acumen.

Obviously, my point isn’t to say that drugs are bad. But what I will say is that a lot of drug dealers have the knowledge and skills to lead Fortune 500 companies but never had the opportunity to make it happen. This is due to the system and their personal decisions. We can learn from some of the people that have been labeled as criminals.

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