Using Podcasts to Attract Ideal Clients

Attract Ideal Clients - The Coach Chris

Every business needs a strategy for acquiring new customers and clients. The better that acquisition strategy, the easier a business can thrive. In this post I want to explain the top two strategies for my ideal clients finding me and how you can start attracting ideal clients.


For longest time, I hated going to events. Going out felt like I wasn’t using my energy and time properly. I would always think “I could be doing something better with my time.” Man was I wrong!

I started going to more events and meetup groups. Every single time I went out, I gained a new client. Me avoiding going out and being in the spotlight for so long was actually holding me back from being the best version of myself!

Now, I make it a point to attend at least four events per month. Events and workshops are now a key strategy for me to attract ideal clients.

The Greatness Unlimited Podcast 

The show has been a large part of what I do for years now. I love my show. I couldn’t imagine not being a podcast host. The Greatness Unlimited Podcast has allowed me to connect with some amazing entrepreneurs and business owners. I’ll always be using my podcast for attracting ideal clients.

The thing about using a podcast to acquire new prospects is time. It’s not traditional like Facebook ads or even events. A podcast is used to nurture prospect over time. The great thing about this process is the prospects you acquire from podcasting are usually more committed and the relationship is stronger. Be patient with this process and you’ll see some amazing results.

Attracting Ideal Clients

Alright, so you want to acquire more prospects for your business. What you have to do first is understand where your prospects are. That way you know where to post the content you create. Next is to understand what people are responding to. You need a strategy to get prospects to raise their hand. 

Your ideal prospects are waiting for you to produce at a high level and connect with them. Whether it’s events or content, you need to get out there and in front of the people you can bring value to.

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