Content Creation Workflow

Content Creation Workflow - The Coach Chris

Creating content is difficult when you don’t have a set plan in place. Every single time you produce content, it should be done the exact same way. In this post, I want to breakdown the basic content creation workflow.

The Process

This five step process has helped me produce content since 2014. It makes creating consistently a lot easier. You’ll also see the gaps where you can easily bring in some help and make production easier.

  1. List topics. Write out basic topics that you’ll be covering in your upcoming content. Remember, these must be topics that your audience is interested in learning more about.
  2. List key points. The basic bullet points actually help you in two areas. In one area, it’s helping you record. The other area focuses on writing your contents description.
  3. Write descriptions. Before you get in front of the microphone or camera, it’s smart to have your descriptions written and ready to go. That way once you’re done with recording, the other steps are easy.
  4. Plan production days. Choose one day every week so that you can produce your videos. You’ll always have content posted and ready to go.
  5. Schedule everything. Schedule all of your videos before they’re due date. The next week of content should be done and ready before the week starts.

This simple process will make it easier to do everything it takes to produce high quality content. Just imagine when you get help!

Tools to Start

The best tools you can have are an iPhone and Trello. Use trello to organize your different content on boards, add due dates and other attachments. A microphone would be next, the Blue Snowball is a great piece of equipment to start with for better sound. Any other tool is to be fancy. Yes, other things might improve your production but you don’t need them to get started. 

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