How to Be More Disciplined

Be More Disciplined - The Coach Chris

Discipline is personal. It’s not something that anyone can force you to commit to. Honestly, that’s what makes being disciplined so difficult for most people. We’re so stuck in our ways that it takes reprogramming the mind to make significant changes in the long term.

Changes in Habits

If you want to be more be more disciplined, you have to first commit to changing your habits. All the old things you did actually stopped you from being a better version of yourself. 

Deciding to change is where self-awareness comes into play. You need to be more aware of your positive habits and negative habits. There are certain things you do consistently that aid your growth. But we all know there are certain things we do that make it harder for us to get more out of life. What are those bad habits for you?

Tracking Your Discipline

One of the most useful tactics I’ve personally used to change my life is my Greatness Guideline. Writing this in this journal every single day helps me reach new levels. Everyone should have a journal that helps them track their progress.

Imagine how great it would be to look back on your life the past few years. How much have you grown? What did you like before that you aren’t interested in now?

Journals are a great test a discipline because its very simple to execute and free. Writing in your journal everyday doesn’t cost you anything but a little time. So if you can’t commit to something that’s free and not even time consuming, how could you be ready for success?

Action Steps

Get a basic journal from Target. Use this journal to track your goals and all the progress you make. Even write out the failures and what went wrong. This is a great way to ensure you’re always moving forward and getting better. If you want to learn more, check out the Manifest Your Success Masterclass.

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