Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Love the Founder

Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Love the Founder - The Coach Chris

The Founder is about a restaurant you might have heard of, McDonald’s, and the foundation of the business. The Mac Brothers, Richard and Maurice (Mac), created the fast-food system in their restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

Entrepreneurs would love The Founder and learn a few key things from it. Let’s breakdown key entrepreneurial factors of The Founder.

The Founders Systems and Niching Down

The Brothers were true revolutionaries in the fast-food business. Before the “speedy service system”, there were no fast-food restaurants. Every place took forever to get you food. There were no drive-thrus, everyone ordered in their cars and stayed inside of them to eat. In n Out in California is one of the few companies that still work by this principle.

Another thing that made McDonalds so revolutionary is their niche. We talk about this in entrepreneurship everyday! It was amazing to see a restaurant start the process. Most restaurants during that time sold multiple things. You could go out and get a burger, with chicken and a taco at the same place. McDonald’s would go against the grain and only sell burgers with fries. The Mac Brothers were so committed to the “speedy service system”, it was difficult for Ray to convince them to start selling milkshakes! Niching down and becoming a burger only restaurant made McDonald’s what it is today.

Entrepreneur Tip: Niche down and get specific! Become the best at the very specific thing you do. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with more ideal prospects and become an expert at a high level.

Ray Kroc: The Persistence

Ray Kroc is known as the guy who stole McDonald’s from the brothers. However, Kroc was just the guy who had the vision and strategy to take McDonald’s to the next level. Kroc was determined to franchise these great restaurants and make sure the world had the chance to experience McDonald’s.

The problem for Ray was the brothers, Rich and Mac, weren’t interested in franchising. They tried before but got no positive results. Ray needed to make the brothers see the light and life changing opportunity right in front of them. The Mac Brothers never fully bought into the process so they ended us losing their name, creations and everything tied to the restaurant.

Living In Fear

The biggest problem the Mac Brothers faced was living in lack and fear instead of prosperity and wealth. It’s a shame they couldn’t commit to growing their company to a bigger level. Ray saw the light and was focused on finding a way to make franchising work. The Mac Brothers could only see the negative possibilities.

As an entrepreneur, if you live in fear, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. The life that you want to create will be on the other side of fear. The Founder shows us the raw truth of what happens when you lack foresight and are scared of losing. Living in fear will only bring you more things to be afraid of.

The Moral

Do you think the Mac Brother’s story is tragic? Some say that Ray Kroc was a bad guy because of his method of getting the franchise from the brothers. Let me know what you think on Twitter.

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