The Power of Morning Routines

Morning Routine - The Coach Chris

Morning routines are important but they’ve gotten a bad wrap since the wrong gurus got a hold of the topic. The goal of a routine is to add structure to your life. Now a good morning routine is all about what works for you personally.

Key Routine Elements

Every routine doesn’t have to be the same. What’s more important, is that your routine has specific elements.

Self Check. Starting your day by analyzing how you feel is a major key to success. In school, we aren’t taught about our feelings and what they mean. Starting your day with a self check will make it easier to see how you’re feeling and what’s important to you.

Timing. You have to create a routine that fits within your personal schedule. If you have to work early, you might have to get up earlier to conduct a morning routine. The timing of your morning is very important.

Creating Your Morning Routine

Not every routine has to be the same. Actually, they shouldn’t be. Everyone is different and has different goals. Therefore, every routine should be different. It’s best to create your own schedule by analyzing successful people and those that influence you. See what they’re doing and how they execute their routines. It will help you create something perfect for your life.

Pro Tip: Write out your morning routine. Writing everything down is the first step to training yourself to creating something new.

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