President Trump: Marketing Perspective

President Trump Marketing perspective

You might not like President Trump, but he’s great at marketing. This guy has been the center of attention for most people since he thought about running for president. There are are a few basic skills and tactics that we can all learn from President Trump.

I’ll ask that you refrain from being emotional about this content. I couldn’t care less about the presidential election. This is strictly about business and marketing.

Trump on Twitter

I don’t think anyone uses Twitter better than President Trump. He’s great at sharing content and his thoughts consistently. Twitter is a platform that’s all about what’s new. It’s faster than Instagram and more open than Facebook. So if there is any place you want to go viral, it’s Twitter.

What You Can Learn from President Trump Marketing

Trump’s marketing is based on one thing: using negative attention. Instead of allowing negativity to bother him, Trump focuses on using that negative energy. News outlets, celebrities and everyone you can think of has been talking bad about Trump since he started his campaign.

The best thing you can learn from Trump is to use your opponents weaknesses against them. When people attack you, they often leave themselves vulnerable. Flipping their statements and points is a great way to use all negative energy.

Start using all the negative things people say about you. Flip everything so you can use that negative energy to your advantage. Using President Trump marketing as a blueprint for your brand.

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