Brand Awareness: Get Your Brand Discovered for $1/Day!

Brand Awareness - The Coach Chris

Brand awareness is the most important thing for your company in 2019. These days, if your brand doesn’t have attention, you don’t have anything. Your products and services could be amazing. But none of that matter if people don’t know who you are.

The Best Brand Awareness Strategy

We’re all working for real discovery. Small businesses want to be discovered just like the big businesses. The difference is, massive companies come with massive budgets. They have the revenue to market pretty much anywhere they want and on several levels. So how do small businesses create brand awareness without massive budgets? Start using Facebook.

Brand Awareness Facebook Tools

Most entrepreneurs use the “brand awareness” objective when trying to grow their company using ads. That’s the worst option available! The best option is video views. But there is a process for using videos views at a low level and getting your brand discovered.

The first step is produce a high quality educational video. Focus on teaching your audience something and not asking them for anything. Your early ads should only get attention. Get all of your ideal prospects to raise their hands 

The next step is to retarget those prospects within your funnel. Retargeting is where you can focus on conversions. This ad can be a great photo or graphic. You can get the sales at this point because you’ve focused on budding the relationships early.

Action Steps

Take your brand to the next level by using basic Facebook ads. Start with educational videos for only $1/day and scale from there. You can learn more about the big star program here.

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