How to Produce Content Consistently

How to Produce Content Consistently - The Coach Chris

Content is important for business but time management is an even bigger deal. The main reason so many businesses struggle to create content is because they lack a schedule and system. You need a specific process for creating your content every single week. Let’s breakdown a few things you can do today to produce content consistently.

Content Creation Workflow

The best way to get start making better content is to have a plan! Your workflow is extremely important. How many times have planned to create some content and completely forgot about it or didn’t make time? I’m sure it happens a lot. You can avoid that with this simple process.

You need a content creation workflow. Write out the process that you use to create content. This means from the beginning stages of your keyword research all the way to scheduling and adding to different platforms. This process is also useful when you begin to outsource different pieces of your content creation. The creation of thumbnails and research for the ideal topics should be completed by someone else in your business. This will help you produce content consistently.

Produce Early

After creating your workflow, you need to start production. A big mistake several entrepreneurs make is waiting until the day they’d like to post their content to actually produce it. That’s a terrible decision! Would you wait until the day of the test to start studying? Probably not. This isn’t a strategy to produce content consistently.

You want to stay ahead of schedule with all your production. If a video goes live Sunday, it should be done and edited by Friday. All the descriptions, thumbnails and promotional tools have to be ready to go. This simple set helps you avoid creating the day of and missing out on important pieces of content altogether.

Your Content Calendar

One of the most useful tools I’ve made was my own personal content calendar. A content calendar helps you schedule more everything you’re producing. A good calendar tracks everything. You should have your production steps tracked and dates for posting ready.

Using your content calendar might be difficult at first but it will get easier over time. Once you start tracking your every step, you’ll publish more and better content.

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