Ep. 145 Email Marketing Vs Retargeting

Email marketing is put up on a pedestal, and for good reason. Years ago you could send emails and reach your audience. They would always open emails and consume the information. Now, do people still take email seriously?

The recent Netflix movie “The Hack” had people up in arms about their information being saved and companies using it. Even the government has used personal data to skew elections!

In today’s episode, I talk about how you, the small business owner, can use those same marketing tactics but for good. You’ll make a positive impact on your audience with your business using these tools.

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of The Hack
  • How to use prospect emails more effectively
  • How to set up retargeting
  • The best retargeting ads with pricing tips.

If you’re not retargeting, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table in your business. This episode is going to show you how to use those emails you get to your advantage and start making a real impact!

You probably need one on one help with your content marketing and retargeting. Learn more about working with Coach Chris here.

Check out this episode!

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