Ep. 143 Content Plus Conversation Equals Conversion

Content Plus Conversation Equals Conversion

In this very special action episode, I just had to explain the most basic process to generate sales online. Yes, you’ll hear about a lot of other processes that are a lot more complicated and have multiple difficult steps. But none of them will be as simple AND impactful as this one.

Content is what gets you the attention. Without attention, you don’t exist in todays world. The best AND cheapest way to get attention is to create great content that helps people. That could be podcast episodes, blogs or video content.

Next is the conversation. This is where the magic happens. Most of the time, when you have great conversations, the sales just happen. There is no teeth pulling or manipulation. It’s just answering questions and being of service to your prospects.

Lastly is the conversion. Now I don’t mean the conversion you’re used to. I’m talking about after the sale is actually made. You need a process to execute after you close a deal acquire that new customer. It must be something that gets them to come back.

This basic three step process makes business extremely easy for Greatness Unlimited and the Greatness Podcast Network. Once you implement it, you’ll see your brand grow and sales increase.

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