Coaching and Podcasting – Special Episode

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In this special episode of the Greatness Unlimited Podcast I wanted to talk to all the coaches out there. After being very active in Facebook groups and networking with other coaches, I learned that coaches hate to create content. I don’t miss this in a figurative or exaggerated way. Most coaches don’t want to create content and hate giving away valuable information for free.

It’s so interesting how everyone hates to giveaway free information but never wants to give anything back. What I really want coaches to understand is that having a podcast will allow you to teach, which is what you do as a coach, and build your audience. There is no greater duo! Coaches are seen as leaders. Your ideal customers come to you to learn and have their problems solved. Do this, and they pay you. It’s that simple.

The best part about having a podcast is that you have the ability to nurture your audience. It’s very easy to help them get better and smarter. Prospects will binge on old pieces of content that you released months ago. As they learn, the thirst will grow for even more information! This is how you brand will flourish and your business will continue to grow.

Every coach should have their own podcast because it’s their own platform. I have a free mini course that will help you get started on the process. If you have any questions, contact me on Twitter or Instagram.

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