Power of Allowing

Power of Allowing - Greatnesses Unlimited Podcast

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The power of allowing starts with two key components. First, you must carry yourself as that person that you want to be. Instead of working extra hard to be someone else, be you! There are two ways that you begin to understand the feeling of being that person that you want to be.

  1. Model someone great. Find those top influencers, coaches, speakers or whoever you look up to in your industry. Follow them and pay close attention to what they’re doing consistently.
  2. Reward yourself more. As you reward yourself, it becomes easier to constantly make progress. Rewarding yourself will help you become more familiar with winning.

It’s also important that you set the correct goals so that you can accomplish more. A lot of times we set goals but in reality we aren’t setting them high enough. The power of allowing means two things:

  1. Worry less. You must have a strong, unwavering belief that what is meant for you in life will come to you, no matter what. It’s very hard to manifest the life you desire without this belief.
  2. Be prepared. Part of receiving what you want is being ready for it. If you want to manifest $1 million into life tomorrow, would that be possible without a bank account? Probably not.

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