Ep. 118 Be the Expert – 3 Steps to Getting Started

Ep 118 Be the Expert

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This is a very special episode. The newest book, Be the Expert will be covered in depth by Coach Chris. Instead of giving you more fluff and feel good talk, this episode has nothing but action steps for you to take. Coach Chris breaks down the three steps you can take immediately to start your online business.

  1. How to select your ideal topic/niche and stick to it.
  2. Ways to start creating amazing content.
  3. Strategies to research your ideal customers to understand what they want.

Take notes on this episode so you can make some real progress instantly. These very simple steps will help you begin setting the foundation to your business and dominating your industry.

Yes, the book Be the Expert is out now! Get your copy. Think of this book as a guide. It’s going to provide you with a ton of action steps that lead you to your goal of dominating your industry. Interested in learning more about the Expert Beginners Kit? Complete the application to see if you qualify.

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