Problem Solving – Content Creation Episode 60

ep 60 problem solving

Every entrepreneur should be focused on solving problems. Consequently, your content should solve the problems of your audience. This episode focuses specifically on creating problem solving content. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Most people complicate the content creation process. We’ve simplified things by creating a very simple chart. This chart helps you break down your content the right way before you record or write anything. Don’t overcomplicate the process by attempting to do things in a new way. The problem solving chart is very simple and easy to implement with anything you create.

Have a Purpose

The best content has a purpose and reason for being created. Every piece of content you release, podcasts, videos or blogs, should be directly affecting your audience. After you do research and see what their problems are, create the content that you know will help them be better. There won’t be a reason for you to force the video to go viral or to share your podcast link twenty times. When you actually deliver something valuable, people will share it for you!

Taking the problem solving approach separates you from your competitors. Everyone else is creating content that they want to see exist in the world. That’s great but people won’t necessarily like it. You can win and be better than them because you create content that your audience is hungry for. This is just another strategy that will help you build a strong brand.

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